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Ari Rosner, Erick Beavers and Brad Robertson on How I Spent My Summer Pandemic

Episode Summary

What did you do with your summer? Learn how Caltech college senior, Ari Rosner developed an algorithm to help compute the proper social distancing layout for schools and other spaces. And how Erick Beavers and Brad Robertson launched and developed their podcast.

Episode Notes

This is a two-part episode where LP chats with Caltech student, Ari Rosner and high school buddies, Erick Beavers and Brad Robertson. 

Ari Rosner was recently featured in Forbes for the algorithm he developed to help determine the proper socially distant layout for a classroom. LP got the scoop about what Ari developed and how it might be able to help events of all types. Ari is a Caltech student pursuing a double major in both Business, Economics, and Management (BEM) and Mechanical Engineering. 

Erick Beavers and Brad Robertson are hosts of the Erick and Brad show where they discuss music, movies, random things they find interesting. You can find their podcast on Apple Podcasts.

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